Estate Administration

Estate Administration legal services

wills and estates lawyers will help you Avoid family disputes

Klooger Phillips Sunshine Coast wills and estates solicitors have many years of experience in providing supportive and understanding legal services when it comes to assisting clients in handling the administration of loved one’s estates.

The firm's solicitors understand that this is a difficult and trying time and the legal advice and documentation involved can sometimes be confusing and arduous.

  • Klooger law firm's local wills and estates lawyers on the Sunshine Coast can prevent delays in the release of funds from an estate by processing the estate as quickly as possible.
  • They can also ensure clients avoid nasty surprises, such as beneficiaries getting a tax bill for the estate after all the funds have been paid out to beneficiaries and the funds have been expended.
  • And also prevent family problems by ensuring the estate is administered correctly by dispensing legal advice to executors on the correct administration and distribution of the estate.

Contact the law firm's Sunshine Coast lawyers for a confidential appointment with one of Klooger Phillips estates solicitors to discuss how the available legal services can meet specific and/or unique estate administration needs.

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