Will & Estate Dispute Management

Will & Estate Dispute Management legal advice 

Understand your legal obligations & safeguard your family's future

Estate Litigation is becoming increasingly common in Australia, at Klooger Phillips law firm, the experienced team ensure clients know where they stand.

Many people do not realise that they have a legal obligation to make adequate provision, in the event of their death, for the proper maintenance and support of their ‘spouse’, ‘children’ and ‘dependents’.

If such provision is not made, then their spouse, children or dependents have the legal right to make a claim against the estate for further provision.

Wills & Estates Legal Services

  • Klooger Phillips Sunshine Coast wills and estates lawyers provide Estates Advice and Implementation legal services to assist clients in ensuring their wishes are implemented.
  • The firm's solicitors also provide support for individuals who have been disinherited or left out of a family members will.

Seek legal advice from Klooger Phillips, your local lawyers on the Sunshine Coast. Contact our Maroochydore law office for more information.

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