Property Developer Services

Property Developer Services

Avoid property development pitfalls

Klooger Phillips' local lawyers on the Sunshine Coast have many years experience in providing comprehensive property legal services for the undertaking of property development projects – from the initial sourcing of the land through to the sale settlement of the finished product, whether residential land, residential houses, town houses, residential apartments, commercial suites, industrial sheds or industrial land - the Klooger law firm's property solicitors are well-versed in all areas of property law. 

Why entrust Klooger Phillips Lawyers Maroochydore with handling the property development legal process: 

  • The firm is able to provide legal services clients can rely on to ensure their property development is not slowed down or made more difficult by such hurdles as a lack of efficiency, inadequate resourcing or insufficient know-how - from their legal advisers.
  • Klooger Phillips Lawyers can offer fixed pricing in writing, based on a client's project, which Klooger will adhere to.
  • The firm's solicitors will need to ask clients a number of questions to understand the ins-and-outs of their project so that accurate fixed pricing can be calculated.

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